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After results from a new Fox News poll showed Donald Trump trailing Hillary Clinton by 19% with women voters, Bill O'Reilly asked the Republican candidate how he plans to address that.

"It would seem that you're going to have to tailor your message a little bit more to women voters. Are you willing to do that?" O'Reilly asked on The O'Reilly Factor.

Trump said he's already "doing great with women," bringing up the fact that a lot of women attend his rallies.

"Half of these people, I mean more than half, it seems, are women. They have signs up, 'Women for Trump,' 'We Love You Donald,' all of this stuff."

"Well, 32% of women support you...and then they're the ones with the signs," O'Reilly said with a laugh.

Watch the video above.

O'Reilly also pressed Trump for a specific plan to deal with ISIS. Trump said he has a plan, but will not reveal it publicly.

"General Patton wasn't one to give out information on television," he said, arguing he has given out "plenty" of ideas like going after ISIS's oil supply.

O'Reilly noted that "taking" oil from ISIS is not going to stop attacks like in Orlando or Istanbul.

"No, it's not," Trump responded.

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