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Mark Cuban said on The Kelly File that the United States does not appear to be doing enough to combat the ISIS problem. 

Reacting to the suicide bombings at Istanbul airport, the billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner and host of the reality show "Shark Tank" said neither presidential candidate is laying out a clear solution. 

"You're not gonna end terrorism, it's never going to happen, but we can at least try to stabilize different parts of the world. I'm far from an expert but what I do know is that people look to America, they look to us for solutions. I'm a big believer in American exceptionalism. We've been able to find solution where others haven't."

He added that the country is "not doing a good enough job" when it comes to using innovation and technology to support efforts to combat terrorism. 

Cuban, who describes himself as an independent, says he's leaning toward voting for Hillary Clinton because Donald Trump is not bringing specific policy solutions to the table. 

"If you go to her website, there are a few ideas I can get behind," said Cuban. 

"[Trump] has to start demonstrating that he has analytical skills because there's so much at stake." 

Cuban, referring to the Brexit vote, said nothing good happens when people "vote for no."

"They didn't have a solution. They just decided to vote for 'no.' Now there's confusion and uncertainty. And confusion and uncertainty is always bad for business and always bad for markets," he said.

Watch his full take above.

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