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Marco Rubio believes yesterday's terrorist attack at the Istanbul airport is a harbinger of future ISIS attacks in Turkey.

The Florida senator explained on "America's Newsroom" that ISIS has aspirations to take over Turkey, and they are also angered at the country's involvement in the U.S.-led anti-ISIS coalition in Syria.

"I actually talked about this a few days ago. I said that I wouldn't be surprised to start seeing attacks in Turkey. That, sadly, has happened," Rubio said. "And I think you'll see more. ISIS clearly wants to be involved in Turkey."

He acknowledged that no group has officially claimed responsibility for the attack, but he said it bears all of the hallmarks of the Islamic State.

"I'm fairly confident that this is an ISIS-directed operation in Turkey designed to hurt the Turkish economy by hurting and scaring tourists away," Rubio said.

The former presidential candidate said Turkish officials had been downplaying the threat ISIS posed in their country, but now there is no hiding it.

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