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Tonight on Special Report, Charles Krauthammer reacted to some of the blowback to Donald Trump's latest remarks slamming the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

Trump said at a rally yesterday that the TPP was pushed by "special interests who want to rape our country."

The inflammatory comment prompted an angry tweet from the Australian ambassador to the U.S., Joe Hockey, who said it was "offensive and dead wrong."

Hillary Clinton, who in 2012 called the TPP the "gold standard" in trade deals, switched her stance in October to oppose the deal, also.

Krauthammer said that for the first time in memory, the U.S. is having a presidential contest where both candidates oppose free trade, and it bodes "really badly" for the U.S.'s allies.

"They had always assumed the United States would be the one country that would rise above the most narrow economic nationalism, and save the idea of free trade. That's not going to be true come January 2017. And that will change the whole international landscape."

Watch the commentary above.

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