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The Kelly File assembled a powerful panel of victims from the Orlando and Fort Hood attacks, in addition to first responders and members of the Muslim community, to discuss how the country should best combat terrorism.

"A panel unlike any we have ever had" is how Megyn Kelly described the riveting and sometimes-heated conversation.

In an extended sneak peek above, former Navy Seal Carl Higbie clashed with one of the anti-war panelists.

"After all the wars we have fought. ... After all of the blood that's been spilled - no doubt heroically - we are still no safer. So maybe we should start to think of ways to deal with this that does not involve killing more people or having more wars. Crazy liberal idea, I know!" said civil rights attorney Ron Kuby. 

Higbie countered that ISIS rose after the U.S. left Iraq and "stopped killing bad guys."

"You can stick your head in the sand and when they come here and kill your family, I'll be there to back you up," Higbie fired back.

Two Fort Hood survivors, including Kim Munley, the police sergeant who shot terrorist Nidal Hasan, also shared their thoughts on political correctness and the push for gun control. 

Munley said that going after guns is not going to stop terrorist attacks.

"That's not the problem. ... They're gonna get the weapons, they're gonna get the pressure cookers.  They're gonna get whatever they want to get to accomplish the goal," said Munley.

Two survivors of the June 12 Orlando terror attack, Patience Carter and Tiara Parker, were also on the panel. Patience was shot twice, Tiara was shot once, and Tiara’s cousin died inside the Pulse nightclub, where they spent three hours as hostages.

Don't miss the remarkable special Kelly File: Terror in America on Friday at 9:00pm ET on Fox News Channel.

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