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Greg Gutfeld weighed in on the "endless debate" that pits freedom vs. security after every new terror attack.

"Does more security mean less freedom? Hell no," Gutfeld said on The Five.

To illustrate his point, he pointed to lawless Somalia, a country lacking both freedom and security.

"If liberty and security were contrary, Somalia would be the freest place on Earth, since it has no security."

He said that liberty and security don't spar, but strengthen each other.

He gave a concert as another example, asking if frisking everyone inhibits their freedom.

"If there are no security measures, I won't go. So that narrows my choices. My freedoms."

Gutfeld said that "handwringing over this false conflict blocks our ability to think straight."

"By not hardening our targets for fear of changing 'who we are,' it's like not having a smoke alarm because it ruins the look of the den. It's a decision you'll live to regret when it all goes up in smoke."

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