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Retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn said on The Kelly File tonight that until the U.S. government decides to fight "radical Islamist ideology," no amount of security measures will bring an end to terrorism.

"Until we decide to do that, all the tactics in the world, all the little things we do around airports--that just actually increases the cost and that is to the advantage to our enemy," said the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and author of The Field of Fight.

Flynn said that the U.S. has not stated its "real strategy," internationally.

He said that a strategy to defeat ISIS should consist of capturing and killing leaders, discrediting their ideology, and warning nations that are friendly to them.

Flynn said the international community cannot stand for continued acts of terror, before going off on President Obama for talking about climate change instead of the devastating terror attack on U.S. soil less than three weeks ago.

"And here we have the President of the United States up in Canada talking about climate change. I mean, God, we just had the largest attack...on our own soil in Orlando. Why aren't we talking about that? Who is talking about that? I mean, Fort Hood, Chattanooga, Boston, people forget about 9/11!"

Watch the full interview above.

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