Kirsten Powers weighed in this morning about what she sees as questionable claims made in a new book by a former Secret Service agent who worked in the Clinton White House. 

Gary Byrne told Sean Hannity last night that President Clinton once had a black eye following a loud argument with Hillary Clinton. He also questioned Clinton's temperament, recalling that the First Lady often "blew up" at staffers. 

"If she did become the president without me speaking the truth, I’m not sure I could deal with that. People need to know this is serious. Her behavior is appalling, he said.

Powers said on America's Newsroom that Byrne's allegations relate to behavior 20 years ago.

"I don't think it matters politically," said Powers, adding that she knows numerous people who've worked for Clinton and she's never heard these stories about her temper.

Powers said it's also "kind of sexist" to argue that Clinton is "dangerous" because she may have yelled at people, questioning whether the same thing would be said about a male politician. 

"We've all heard the stories about John McCain. I could name 10 politicians off the top of my head that are known yellers who are men. ... Even if it's true, so what?" she asked.

Powers also questioned Byrne's credibility based on a claim he made about Vince Foster, a White House lawyer who committed suicide.

Byrne said:

There were many instances or stories where the staff would hear her berating Vince and she blamed him publicly for some of the things that they didn’t get done. As a lot of people know, in his suicide note, he basically said that Washington D.C. was this terrible, vindictive place and that was one of the reasons he took his own life.

Powers said, however, that Foster was not referring to Clinton in the suicide note, but rather the Wall Street Journal's attacks on him. 

"I don't think anyone thinks that Vince Foster killed himself - except maybe right-wing people - because of Hillary Clinton," she said.

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