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Many new details have emerged from the House Select Committee on Benghazi's report, including the shocking revelation that President Obama did not attend his daily intelligence briefing the day after the September 11, 2012 terror attack.

Fox News contributor Stephen Hayes wrote in The Weekly Standard that it's not uncommon for Obama to skip the briefing, but his decision to do so the day after the attack will certainly raise some eyebrows.

"The president's briefer handed a written copy of the presidential daily briefing to a White House usher and then briefed Jack Lew, who was then serving as White House chief of staff," Hayes wrote. "But Obama, who sometimes avails himself of the oral briefing that is offered along the written intelligence product, did not ask for such a briefing the day after the attacks on U.S. facilities in Libya."

"It's not unusual for Obama to skip his oral briefing, but his decision to pass on the PDB on September 12, 2012, will no doubt generate additional questions."

Hayes wrote that the Benghazi report also illuminates a fascinating intra-intelligence community dispute over language that appeared in the briefing.

Apparently, it centered on the line "…the presence of armed assailants from the outset suggests this was an intentional assault and not the escalation of a peaceful protest."

Hayes wrote that there was disagreement over whether the attack would be portrayed as an intentional, planned assault or the escalation of a peaceful protest.

On "America's Newsroom," Hayes explained that the controversial line in the report proved to be accurate, so Obama would have been aware of the nature of the attack if he had availed himself of the briefing.

Hayes added that the administration was evasive about revealing where the president was during the eight-hour attack on the Benghazi compound.

"The question that you'd ask of the president is: Where were you all night?" Hayes said. "If you're the president and you've given an order to start a rescue operation, one would think that you might follow up on that, or find out if it's taking place, find out if people are executing the actions you've asked them to."

Read more from Hayes here and see some of Hayes' tweets on the Benghazi report below...

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