The Outnumbered hosts weighed in today on the new Benghazi report released by Trey Gowdy's House committee. 

The damning report faulted then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration for missteps before, during and after the attacks, which left four Americans dead, including Amb. Chris Stevens.

Jedediah Bila argued that at this point, it's very hard to look at the evidence and not believe Clinton took part in a cover-up, specifically when it came to blaming an anti-Islam video for the attack. 

"How is it not a cover-up if she's emailing her daughter and talking to the prime minister of Egypt and saying this is terrorism and then going out and having Susan Rice talk about some video?" said Bila, pointing out that the creator of the video went to jail while many of the attackers were not punished.

"I don't understand how anybody can look at these facts and the information that she had and not say that something was covered up."

Calling it "outrageous," Melissa Francis pointed out that while Amb. Chris Stevens was still missing, the White House was discussing the public narrative about the internet video. 

Watch the full discussion above.

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