Mother of Benghazi Victim: 'I'm Not the Liar, Hillary - You Are!'

Gowdy: 'No Wheel Turned' on Benghazi Intervention Until Libya Gave Clearance

Tonight on The Five, Greg Gutfeld reacted to the release of the House Benghazi report. 

"Rather than focus on the rescue, (the Obama Administration and State Department) blamed the video," Gutfeld said. "They lied."

He said that every time terror strikes, it's now accompanied by "diversions and denial."

"Blame a video. Blame a gun. Blame climate change. But don't blame Islamism. And instead of confronting evil, obsess over appearances."

He pointed out that on the fateful night of the 2012 attack, U.S. troops being deployed to Benghazi had to change out of their uniforms four times so their clothes wouldn't offend Libyans.

"That's our downfall: We're more worried about how things look than how they really are."

He said that it's fair for Republicans to make the Benghazi response a political issue in the presidential election.

"When you're running for president, everything on your résumé is fair game. And if Benghazi was on mine, I'd hide it too, Hillary."

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