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Former Islamic extremist Maajid Nawaz spoke on The Kelly File about the geopolitical implications of today's terrorist attack in Istanbul, saying it would be felt across Europe and could lead to a "further breakup of the European Union."

Nawaz said ISIS knows that it can "sow the seeds of chaos" in the West with attacks such as the one at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport, and that ISIS aspires to a breakup of the EU.

"With all of the seismic shifts that are currently going on in Europe, with the rise of nationalist sentiment and people fearing being part of broader coalitions and unions and blocs, people will end up retreating back into their own identities and not wanting anything to do with those they have defined as the other," he said.

"And so really, the reverberations of this, the shockwaves of this, will be felt across the continent of Europe and that has political consequences for the stability of Europe as well."

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