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Drivers on a Houston highway last night were startled to see a frightened, loose horse galloping among traffic.

The panicked horse was seen dodging honking cars on Interstate 610.

Video taken by Christopher McKelvey showed the chaotic moment. "There's some horsepower over here in the fast lane!" he says in the video.

“My first thought was I need to try and get him off the highway,” he told KPRC. “It’s just crazy. You’re exiting from 288, and you just see a horse.”

McKelvey initiated an effort to get the horse off the highway. He used hand gestures to signal to other drivers, and they formed a wave to get the horse running with the flow of traffic, which helped to calm the horse down.

They successfully herded the horse into the slow lane and then off onto a less busy road.

Police caught the horse and tracked down its owner and reunited them.

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