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A soldier who hadn't seen his mother in four-and-a-half years recently surprised her at home, and her amazing reaction was caught on camera.

U.S. Army Specialist Kyle Kracht told Fox 13 he had seen several videos of soldiers surprising loved ones, so he decided to make one himself.

Last week, he went to the house of his mother, Cheri Hancock, and waited for her to get home from work.

When she did, he was there to surprise her. And boy, did he ever.

As soon as Kracht says, "Hi, mom," Hancock immediately starts screaming.

She's apparently so shocked and overwhelmed, she actually walks out of the room!

Kracht follows after her, and as the ecstatic mother continues to scream, she throws her arms around her son.

Kracht said he was blown away by her emotional response.

“I didn’t know what to expect," he said. "I’ve gone over it in my head what she might do. I didn’t think she was gonna scream and then yell at me and ask me why I was here. I didn’t think I would have to chase after her to give her a hug, but it was way, way more than I expected.”

“I never thought that anybody would do that to me, and so when I walked in I felt like I was in a dream," Hanock said. "I couldn’t believe it, I really couldn’t believe it.”

Watch the amazing reunion above.

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