On Episode 3 of "Legends & Lies: The Patriots" we saw the powerful re-creation of the Battle of Bunker Hill.

While Benjamin Franklin and the Continental Congress were busy in Philadelphia setting up a unified American army in June 1775, British troops were marching toward the colonial frontlines outside Boston.

As the British army moved in, they believed the American militias would retreat, but they were wrong. 

Executive producer Bill O'Reilly noted that the Redcoats' arrogance cost them at Bunker Hill, as the Americans stood and fought to their last bullets. 

The militias did retreat, but only because they were out of ammo.

The British took Bunker Hill, but at great cost, with about 1,000 soldiers dead or wounded. More than 400 patriots were killed or wounded in the iconic battle.

Watch the captivating scene above.

The second season of the hit docu-series Legends & Lies brings you the stories behind the American Revolution, as they really happened.

On next week's episode, General George Washington takes command and is tasked with turning untested militiamen and limited supplies into a military force. Watch as he scores an ingenious victory amid a secret murder plot by his own men.

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