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On "Real Time" on Friday, Bill Maher weighed in on the argument that the U.K.'s withdrawal from the European Union was, in part, a "xenophobic" reaction to a wave of Muslim immigration into Europe.

"I hear a lot of talk today about xenophobia," Maher said. "Is it really phobia if you have something to be afraid of?"

Maher explained that many Muslims hold beliefs that do not conform with Western values, pointing to a recent study that found 52 percent of British Muslims believe being gay should be illegal.

He added that many Muslims see women as second-class citizens and treat them as such.

Maher said that even most people who disagree with him on this issue acknowledge that Islam needs a reformation.

Unfortunately, he said, moderate Muslims are afraid to speak out because of "violent intimidation."

"And every time somebody says 'Islamophobia,' it gives the people who are intimidating cover."

See the "Fox and Friends Weekend" co-hosts react above.

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