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In the wake of the Orlando terror attack, there have been calls for gun control from many in Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

On "Fox and Friends Weekend," Stacey Dash said this trend is motivated by "ignorance" and a dislike of the Second Amendment.

She disagreed with the assertion that additional measures restricting guns will prevent incidents like what happened in Orlando, San Bernardino or Paris.

Dash explained that terrorists wouldn't follow gun laws, so we would only be preventing law-abiding Americans from exercising their Second Amendment rights and protecting themselves.

"They’re making us a moving target, because bad guys don’t obey laws, so why pass more laws?" Dash said. "You’re only stopping good guys from getting guns."

She added that all the Hollywood celebrities who are calling for gun control have bodyguards who are armed.

"They’re hypocrites," Dash stated. "'It’s ok to protect me, but don’t protect yourself.' That’s what they believe. Crazy."

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