WATCH: House on Fire Gets Carried Away by West Virginia Flood

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KTLA reporter Steve Kuzj and cameraman Victor Vargas were on the scene of the massive wildfire in Lake Isabella, California, on Thursday when the out-of-control flames came dangerously close.

Vargas explained that they had just finished their live shot and were packing up their gear when the heat suddenly hit them.

He said in less than a minute, the flames moved from 100 yards to 50 yards to just 30 yards away.

“The heat became unbearable,” he told KTLA. “The heat was too much that I couldn’t get in the truck through the driver side.”

He said he managed to get in through the passenger door before quickly speeding away from the raging inferno.

Kuzj recorded video of the dramatic escape on his cell phone and uploaded it to YouTube.

According to the federal InciWeb site, the Erskine Fire is currently estimated at 30,000 acres and is only five percent contained. There are approximately 800 fire fighters on scene, with several hundred more en route. Approximately 100 structures have been lost and 1,500 additional structures are threatened.

Watch Kuzj's intense video above.

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