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After the Supreme Court announced Thursday it was evenly divided in a case concerning President Obama's executive actions on immigration, the president called the decision "heartbreaking."

"I think it is heartbreaking for the millions of immigrants who’ve made their lives here, who’ve raised families here, who hoped for the opportunity to work, pay taxes, serve in our military, and more fully contribute to this country we all love in an open way," Obama said.

But what about the heartbreak of the families of those who have been killed by illegal immigrants?

Wendy Hartling's daughter Casey Chadwick was stabbed to death by an illegal immigrant from Haiti who should have been deported.

On "Fox and Friends Weekend" today, Hartling said she was struck by the fact that Obama did not say anything about illegal immigrants who commit crimes.

"He was just talking about regular immigrants that are not here legally but they are not committing any crimes," Hartling said. "It's a whole different scenario for me because my daughter was killed heinously."

She revealed that the man who killed her daughter should have been deported three times, but that never happened.

"I blame ICE. I blame the federal government. I mean, they have these laws in place for deportation. If you are a criminal, you are supposed to be deported. Simple as that," Hartling said. "So, something has failed us. The ball's been dropped."

Watch the emotional interview above.

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