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Judge Jeanine Pirro said on "Hannity" last night that she expects the FBI to recommend criminal charges for Hillary Clinton, but the question is whether the Justice Department proceeds with that recommendation.

"Every time she opens her mouth, she lies. I don't think she even knows the difference between the truth and a lie," Judge Jeanine said.

She pointed out that Clinton has repeatedly changed the narrative surrounding the private email she used as secretary of state, including claiming that her unusual email practices were allowed by the State Department - when they clearly were not - and also that she got permission.

"This woman is just a liar," Judge Jeanine stated, noting that there are lingering questions not just about her emails, but also about the Benghazi terror attack and the finances behind the Clinton Foundation.

Judge Jeanine said that one reason she believes the Justice Department will be reluctant to indict Clinton in the email scandal is because President Obama was aware of her private email, meaning he would be called as a witness if she is indeed indicted.

She noted, however, that Obama is not connected to the Clinton Foundation, which could make that a target for an indictment.

"There will be enough to put in a grand jury without jeopardizing the president," Judge Jeanine explained. "That will be the true test."

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