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In the lead-up to the Brexit vote, most polls and pundits predicted that the United Kingdom would vote to remain in the European Union.

The polls, of course, proved to be wrong as the U.K. stunningly voted to leave the bloc.

So how did the so-called experts have it so wrong?

On "Fox and Friends Weekend," Frank Luntz said that pollsters and pundits did not understand two things: the "intensity" and "passion" Brits felt about this issue, which led to a record turnout, and which way undecided voters were likely to lean.

"On issue after issue, attribute after attribute, those uncommitted people ... are frustrated with government, frustrated with Europe," Luntz explained. "They felt like they didn’t have control, and most importantly, they felt that the bureaucrats did not understand them."

Luntz pointed out that there are now pushes in France, the Netherlands and other countries to have their own votes about their EU membership.

"The elites are on the run all across the globe and the public is saying - not just in America - but all across Europe, the public is saying, 'Enough is enough.'"

He said that many polls and pundits have been wrong in the U.K., all across Europe and, yes, in America.

"They're going to continue to get it wrong unless they actually listen to the voters themselves," Luntz said. "These are not people on the extreme. In the exact opposite, they love their country and they love their communities and they just want the rest of the world to leave them alone and let them live their lives. And what's wrong with that?"

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