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A former aide to Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said that the Brexit is a "great development" for the UK, Europe and the U.S.

"This is all about freedom and self-determination, British people retaking control of their own country," Nile Gardiner said.

He said that after more than 40 years, the European Union had become a "supranational entity that suffocates sovereignty and freedom."

"What the British people have done is basically throw a lifeboat off the Titanic, and they've jumped on board that lifeboat, and the Titanic's heading in only one direction towards a massive iceberg, and that's where the EU is headed. It's an institution in very deep decline."

Gardiner said he had no doubt Brexit would "spark a series of referendums across Europe, and you are going to see people all over the European continent expressing their disdain for the European Union."

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