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A Louisiana mother was jailed for whipping her three sons with an electrical cord after learning that they robbed items from a neighbor's house.

30-year-old Schaquana Spears is now grief-stricken after her six kids were taken away and sent to live with their grandmother until Spears goes through the legal process.

Spears said that her children, ages 2-13, mean everything to her and she only wanted to show them what they did was wrong. She also said she punished her kids the way her own mother taught her.

"It's been hell," Spears told WBRZ, after being bailed out. "I never could imagine that trying to be a good mother would end me up in jail with a criminal record like I'm a predator out to hurt my kids who I live for. That's my world. Everything revolves around them. Everything I do is for my kids."

Since the story first broke earlier this week, Spears has received an outpouring from parents, and even some officials who say they don't want to discourage parents from disciplining their children and teaching them right from wrong.

An East Baton Rouge prosecutor said he would be reviewing all material in the case before deciding to file criminal charges.

Even the neighbor of the house that was broken into said she felt badly for Spears because "she did what she was supposed to do."

"Her kids broke into a house that they could’ve got killed at, or the police could’ve seen them going in and shot them," Alisa Nicholson said. "And I feel so bad that all this had to happen from her whooping her kids for them breaking them into someone’s home - which is very dangerous, especially these days."

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