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Tonight on Special Report, Charles Krauthammer put the Brexit into the historical context of the European Union and explained how he believed it would ultimately lead to the breakup of not only the EU, but the United Kingdom as well.

Krauthammer said that after World War II, the EU was set up to suppress nationalism within Europe, "which you can only do for so long," and that the British exit is the first. He added that the EU "inevitably will not survive as a result of this."

But he said that the Brexit will also lead to the breakup of the UK. Scotland will want out, he said, because they voted to be part of the EU. He predicted that Northern Ireland will also secede after Northern Irish citizens are required to use a passport to travel to neighboring Ireland.

"I think in 10 years you could have a Britain that is only Wales and England," he said.

"So, Great Britain is no longer Great Britain," Chris Wallace said.

"I think those who revel in the recovery of the sovereignty of Great Britain could discover that it doesn't exist in 10 years," he replied.

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