Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) applauded the Supreme Court decision that blocked President Obama's executive actions on immigration.

Thursday's 4-4 ruling was a victory for dozens of states, including Texas, that had challenged Obama's orders to give a deportation reprieve to millions of illegal immigrants. 

The ruling effectively kills the plan for the duration of Obama's presidency. Republicans argued that the president overstepped his authority and lower courts agreed. 

On America's Newsroom this morning, Abbott noted that the decision would have been an "outright victory" if Antonin Scalia were still on the high court and lamented that four justices still sided with Obama.

"It's deeply disturbing that we have four justices on the Supreme Court who think that you don't have to go through Congress when Article I of the Constitution clearly says that only Congress has the authority to write immigration laws," he said.

Abbott, pointing to the Brexit vote, said Americans and Europeans are becoming frustrated by immigration policies and border security. 

"It comes to down state sovereignty and whether or not our states and our countries are going to protect the sovereignty that we were designed to have." 

Watch the interview above.

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