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Dr. Sebastian Gorka, terrorism expert and author of "Defeating Jihad," said today on Fox Business that the historic Brexit is an "assertion of sovereignty" by U.K. voters and a rejection of "utopian" globalism.

He told Trish Regan that it's "common sense, not xenophobia" to be concerned about massive influxes of Middle Eastern refugees into European nations, especially after the attacks in Paris and Brussels.

Gorka explained that ISIS terrorists infiltrated Brussels using false Syrian passports and arrived as refugees. 

"The director of the FBI has stated in front of Congress that there is no credible way to vet refugees," he pointed out, noting that ISIS has said in its own English-language publications that it wants to exploit refugee flows.

Gorka said that many Europeans want to see clear national borders and "security control based on our national interests."

"The last nail in the coffin in the EU from the point of view of the UK was this unfettered immigration into the continent," said Gorka. 

He said that the Brexit is "tied at the hip with the Donald Trump effect" in the U.S., and the question now is whether Trump can capitalize on that sentiment. 

Watch his full analysis above.

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