A new report from GOP Senators Jeff Sessions (AL) and Ted Cruz (TX) is shining a light on the potential terror threat presented by refugees.

Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge said this morning that the senators laid out their concerns in a letter to President Obama. 

The two members of the Senate subcommittee on immigration looked at Justice Department records and media reports from Sept. 2001 through 2014. 

The investigation found 580 successful prosecutions of terror-related cases, including at least 380 foreign-born individuals. 

There has also been a surge in cases since 2014, with at least 131 more suspects found.

The senators reported that at least 40 people initially admitted to the U.S. as refugees later were convicted or implicated in terror cases.

They wrote that the federal government lacks the ability to properly screen refugees before their arrival and that those who emigrate to the U.S. face assimilation problems. 

“[T]hese data make clear that the United States not only lacks the ability to properly screen individuals prior to their arrival, but also that our nation has an unprecedented assimilation problem," they wrote in the June 14 letter.

Herridge noted that the report lines up with what CIA Director John Brennan told lawmakers last week, specifically warning about ISIS fighters trying to infiltrate Western nations through "refugee flows."

The warnings come as the Obama administration plans to let in thousands of refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern nations.

Watch the full report from America's Newsroom above and read more at FoxNews.com.

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