Treason? O'Reilly and Geraldo Spar Over Trump's Latest Attacks on Hillary

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Donald Trump's campaign launched a new anti-Hillary website called "" that looks to highlight "some of Clinton's most disastrous lies to the American people." 

"It is more important than ever for America to realize how dishonest Crooked Hillary really is. We can't trust her now and we can't allow her to take her dishonesty to the White House," the campaign wrote, in a press release. "Four years of Crooked Hillary in the White House is not a risk Americans can take."

The first video on the site, in what looks to be a series called "10 Legendary Lies," focuses on the Benghazi terror attacks.

The website's launch comes after a Trump campaign shake-up, in which former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was ousted and replaced by chief strategist Paul Manafort.

Check out the website here.

The Outnumbered hosts weighed in Friday, with Stacey Dash emphasizing that earlier this year, Clinton said in an interview that she has "always tried" to tell the truth.

"How do you try to tell the truth? Either you tell the truth or you don't tell the truth. There is no trying to tell the truth," she said. 

Melissa Francis said the Clintons have made an "art form" out of profiting from politics, but no one has been able to make the case effectively to voters.

"Is Donald Trump finally going to be the one that throws this at them and it really sticks?" she asked.

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