Trump Campaign Unveils 'Lying Crooked Hillary' Website

Krauthammer: House Sit-In Was 'All About the Elections'

Donald Trump laced into Hillary Clinton yesterday, calling her a "world class liar."

Today on Hannity, he talked about how "strange" it was that she hasn't satisfied demands to release transcripts of paid speeches to Wall Street banks and other groups.

"For whatever reason, she doesn’t want to give those speeches," Trump said. "I don’t know, there’s something going on there, because Bernie Sanders could not, over a long period of time, get her to give those speeches. He wanted them very badly."

He said Clinton "made a fortune with this stuff," but for what purpose?

"What are people getting for it? You look at it, and there’s something very strange. The whole thing is very strange. Frankly, she’s very strange."

Trump also said Clinton should return the tens of millions of dollars the Clinton Foundation received from Middle Eastern countries that have committed human rights abuses.

"She shouldn’t be allowed to take the money, it’s ridiculous," he said, saying that some of these countries "want to enslave women" and "kill gays."

"They kill them," he continued. "They push them off of buildings. They throw them off of the roofs of buildings. And she’s taking money from them. Not only that, she’s letting them come into the country."

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