WATCH: Ryan Shames Dems for Trying to Raise Money Off Gun Control Protest

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Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R) harshly criticized her Democratic colleagues who sent fundraising solicitations while staging a sit-in protest over gun control.

Blackburn said that rather than coming to the table with Republicans, Democrats decided to send out emails "politicizing the death of 49 people in Orlando."

"I think this is--it's absolutely despicable," she said on Shepard Smith Reporting.

Furthermore, Blackburn said, the Democrats were in "flagrant violation" of several House rules, for which she believes they should be reprimanded.

Blackburn emphasized that there were steps the House could take to make progress on fixing flaws with the terror no-fly watchlist and mental health screening, but "they wanted to stage a sit-in like a bunch of kindergartners."

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