Baltimore Police Union: Mosby Should Drop Charges Against Remaining Cops

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Megyn Kelly sparred with a guest on The Kelly File over the latest trial of a Baltimore officer in Freddie Gray's death.

Kelly asked lawyer Andell Brown if he believed there was ever any proof to support a second-degree murder charge against the officers, adding that the "straight-shooter judge laughed (the prosecution led by State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby) out of court on that allegation."

Brown said they were never laughed out, causing Kelly to break in, "Yes, he did."

Brown continued: "What the judge said was they did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt those charges. It happens every day in courtrooms around the United States, and we don't call for prosecutors to be dismissed just because the case doesn't go the way they thought it was gonna go."

Kelly responded that Circuit Judge Barry Williams said the prosecution using the term "rough ride" was "inflammatory" and admonished them for using it "lightly," given that they could not show proof such a ride occurred.

As she directed a question to fellow guest, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, she said that Brown was not accepting the judge's determination.

Clarke said that "justice has prevailed" in the city of Baltimore, adding that he had faith that the American criminal justice system would get it right. 

He said that Mosby's law license should be suspended and called on the state attorney general to step in and dismiss any remaining charges against officers in Gray's death. 

"Marilyn Mosby was on a political witch hunt when she charged Baltimore's finest." 

Watch the full segment above.

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