'Absolutely Despicable': Rep. Blackburn Accuses Dems of Politicizing Orlando Deaths

WATCH: Ryan Shames Dems for Trying to Raise Money Off Gun Control Protest

Greg Gutfeld weighed in on the "House of horrors" of the past 24 hours, in which Democratic lawmakers "sensing opportunity" staged a sit-in protest to push a gun control agenda.

Gutfeld said the exercise was "pretty much for show, to raise awareness and funds."

"The next step in this dramatic slumber party: They'll do each other's hair and prank call the NRA."

He said that this is what the nation does now, after suffering tragedy at the hands of terrorists: "Divide, shout, perform - and on cue, celebs and media call this action 'historic.'"

But he said that if Republicans staged a similar spectacle over fighting terror, "the media would spasm in outrage, and scream, 'Where's the decorum!'"

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