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Rebellious Democrats shut down the House's legislative work, staging a sit-in on the House floor and refusing to leave until they secured a vote on gun control measures before lawmakers' weeklong break.

Democrats shouted "No bill, no break" and demanded that Speaker Paul Ryan keep the House in session through its planned break next week to vote on gun legislation.

Ben Shapiro reacted on The Kelly File, saying that the Democrats don't get to run the chamber just because they're sitting there on their "fat cans."

"It's hilarious to me that when Barack Obama controlled both chambers of Congress he didn't bring any of these gun control bills forward. Now, that they're in the minority they want to run on these issues so they're going to sit there and pretend that they're doing something noble by not getting up."

Fellow guest Richard Fowler also tried to make the case that the AR-15 is a "weapon of war" and that no one needs to own one, prompting Shapiro to snap back, "You don't get to tell me whats weapons I do and don't get to hold. I'm sorry we don't live in a dictatorship."

Watch the segment above.

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