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Due to her poor tenure as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton is partially responsible for "the world being on fire," Dr. Sebastian Gorka said on "The Intelligence Report" today.

"Whether you look at the Middle East, Africa, Asia or Europe, the crises are just out of control," Gorka said. "That is a direct indictment of Secretary Clinton and also President Obama."

He pointed specifically to failed policies in Libya and Syria, in addition the botched pullout from Iraq in 2011, which led to the rise of ISIS.

Gorka said that a Clinton presidency would be like a third term of Obama, only more dangerous.

He explained that she's not motivated by "love of country," but by "money and power."

He said the Donald Trump made a tremendous point during his speech about Clinton and her various controversies this afternoon.

"Hillary's slogan right now is 'I'm With Her,'" Gorka said. "What did Trump do? He flipped it. He said, 'I'm with you, America.' That sums it up."

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