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Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld spoke to Greta Van Susteren about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and the ISIS threat. He said that if the former secretary of state were a member of the military, "she'd be prosecuted" for mishandling classified information.

Rumsfeld said that Clinton's private email server had special compartmented and top-secret information, which shouldn't have been there.

"I really believe that if she were a yeoman in the Navy or a sergeant in the Army or the Marine Corps or the Air Force that she’d be prosecuted," he said.

Rumsfeld said he doesn't know what will happen, but "it's a serious offense."

When asked which candidate would be better at destroying ISIS, Rumsfeld said that "four more years of what we've had over the past seven or eight is not going to do it."

He said that the incoming president needs to "act like a superpower," saying that the Obama Administration has created a vacuum in the world that has emboldened America's enemies.

Watch the full interview above.

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