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Marco Rubio joined Special Report to discuss his decision to seek re-election to Florida's Senate seat, saying he's "prepared to be a check and balance no matter who wins" the presidency.

Rubio said that the Senate needs someone willing to stand up to a president of either political party, and also work with and encourage them to make the right decisions.

He added that it's "not a mystery" that he disagrees with Donald Trump on a number of issues and objects to things he's said about women and minorities.

Rubio said that "God forbid" Hillary Clinton is elected, "we'll have a lot of work on our hands to stop her agenda."

"But it's possible, given my differences of opinion with Donald, that there will be instances in which I'll disagree with what he's doing, and we'll have to stand up to that as well. But hopefully we can encourage him to do some of the things that we believe in as conservatives and as Republicans."

Watch the full interview above.

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