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NASCAR veteran Mike Wallace and his daughter were brutally attacked after a Rascal Flatts concert in Charlotte, N.C., Friday night, and they spoke out about the scary incident on "Fox and Friends" this morning.

Wallace said that he and his daughter, Lindsey Wallace Van Wingerden, were leaving the concert at the PNC Pavilion when he saw a man in a truck screaming.

"I remember looking up at saying and going, 'Hey, man, is there a problem? What's going on?'" Wallace said, revealing that the next thing he knew he was being punched in the face.

"I honestly from that point don't remember hardly anything. I’m taking it from my family and friends that as I was on the ground knocked out, laying up against the car, they then - being the three guys - got to kicking on me, beating on me."

He said that his daughter got in the middle of it in an attempt to stop the assault only to get kicked and punched herself.

She said the whole incident was horrifying, from thinking her father was dead to being attacked herself.

"There's three guys just beating him over and over," she said. "And one of the guys comes from behind knocks me down to the ground ... They're kicking underneath of me to hit him in the face."

"I thought my dad was gone, because he wasn't moving at all."

Nathan Lucas and Randolph Mangum were charged with assault Saturday morning and a third man, Paul Lucas, was charged with assault on a female.

They revealed that their injuries are healing, but the traumatic emotional experience is going to be impossible to forget.

"When you wake up from being knocked out - which is not a common thing to do - and you look up and see your daughter laying on the ground, it's heart-wrenching," Wallace said.

Wallace, 57, has competed in hundreds of NASCAR events dating back to the 1990s and is the younger brother of Hall of Famer Rusty Wallace.

Watch the "Fox and Friends" interview above.

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