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A powerful photo shows a Florida boy praying with police officers at a local restaurant.

Kelly Garza told Fox 13 that she and her six-year-old son, Joshua, were having breakfast at a St. Petersburg Bob Evans, Joshua's favorite place.

After Joshua saw the restaurant manager shake an officer's hand and thank him for his service, the little boy decided he wanted to say "thank you" in his own way.

As the mother and son got up to leave the restaurant, Joshua approached the officers' table.

They had just gotten their food and said grace. Joshua asked if he could pray for the officers' safety.

"He likes to pray at church, he's a big prayer warrior," Garza explained.

Garza took a photo of Joshua sitting down at the table with the officers, holding hands, with their heads bowed in prayer.

Garza said that following the prayer, there wasn't a dry eye in the whole restaurant.

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