Donald Trump came out swinging against Hillary Clinton today about her potential legal conflicts arising from the Clinton Foundation and her term as secretary of state.

Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in, saying Trump "painted a forceful case against her from the legal and ethical perspective, pointing out the benefits that were accrued to her husband personally and to their foundation while and as a result of decisions she made as a secretary of state."

Napolitano said most people are only aware of the FBI investigation into Clinton's emails, but there's actually a second investigation being conducted by the Public Integrity Section of the Justice Department looking at whether Clinton made decisions as secretary of state that personally benefited her. That investigation was the focus of Trump's speech today.

Charles Payne asked the judge about the case of a foreign telecommunications company that had sanctions against them dropped after Bill Clinton gave a speech to them for $750,000.

Napolitano said Trump has every right to bring up that case because it "reinforces the public perception...that Hillary Clinton is a crook."

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