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Greg Gutfeld said that calling Donald Trump's attack on Hillary today a speech is "like calling D-Day a nature hike."

He said that Trump accused Clinton of everything from murder and corruption, to creating ISIS and destroying the entire Middle East.

"The only things he didn't blame her for were Zoolander 2, manbuns and coconut water," he said.

Gutfeld said that Trump is "opposite-Romney."

"Trump not only takes off the gloves, he adds brass knuckles, a blowtorch and death metal."

Gutfeld said Trump got some things wrong, "but what he got right was really big":  taking a stand against "pernicious globalism," reminding that Americans should come first, and that America is an idea worth keeping and fighting for.

"It's absurd to find that so refreshing. But in the age of Obama, saying such things is like belching in a crowded elevator."

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