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Earlier this month, a woman returned to her parked car to find a nasty note from someone who thought they were sticking up for veterans.

The note criticized Rebecca Hayes for parking in a spot reserved for veterans. But Hayes is a veteran; she served in the Navy for eight years.

Hayes posted the note on Facebook, along with an "apology" expressing anger at the stranger for judging her.

The post was shared by thousands of people and picked up by media outlets. Eventually it was spotted by the note-writer, who decided to send an anonymous apology. 

"I know it's no excuse, but I've seen so many people park in retired vets' spaces, along with handicap lately, and I lost my cool," the letter says.

The person said they were glad they saw Hayes' Facebook post.

"I immediately felt horrible about a situation where I assumed I was standing up for someone. Clearly, this was not the case. You didn't deserve that, and I hope you can accept this apology."

The letter ends, "Thank you for all that you've done. God bless."

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