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Greta Van Susteren spoke with Rev. Franklin Graham, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr, and Faith and Freedom Coalition Chairman Ralph Reed and following their big meeting with Donald Trump.

The New York event with hundreds of evangelical and social conservative leaders was billed as an effort to address "long-standing concerns" about Trump's candidacy, including on issues such as abortion and transgender rights.

Graham said he thought Trump answered everyone's questions and addressed most concerns, but held to his position that he would not endorse anyone.

Falwell said he was "very impressed" by Trump and said he seemed "very presidential" and displayed a deep concern for Christian and conservative issues. The candidate also affirmed his commitment to nominating strictly pro-life Supreme Court justices.

"I was honored to introduce him and I tried to point out to the crowd that we have such a simple choice this election," Falwell said. "We can vote for somebody who has promised to support and defend the values that are important to conservatives and Christians and to appoint the right nominees to the Supreme Court, or we can vote for a candidate who has promised she will not do either of the above, she will do just the opposite."

Reed also weighed in on the significance of the election and what it means for the judicial branch.

"It isn’t just the presidency on the line, it’s the entire federal judiciary and he’s released a list of 11 names who are outstanding people who will decide everything we care about, from life to religious freedom to Obamacare down the line. I think that’s very important to conservative voters of faith," he said.

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