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An Israeli anti-immigration activist argued on Hannity that Americans and Israelis who want to protect their country's borders are being labeled as racists. 

May Golan, CEO of Hebrew City, said she's been accused of racism for wanting to preserve Israel's culture, drawing parallels to supporters of Donald Trump in the United States.

"The word 'racist' has just lost all meaning to me," said Golan, arguing that people in both countries "have the right to protect their homes and borders."

"I can see what's going on here with Donald Trump. They're calling him racist just for wanting to protect the borders of his country. Well, this is the same thing in Israel."

Golan said Muslim "infiltrators" are being brought into the Jewish state, helping left-wing lawmakers gain seats in Parliament.

"You know something is very wrong," she said.

Golan also said that Hillary Clinton, in wanting to increase the refugee population in the U.S. by 550%, is gambling with American lives.

"We are watching so many terrorists going with the infiltrators right into these countries, and we know that those people just want to make terror attacks, and are waiting for the right time. And I don't understand people like Hillary Clinton."

Watch the interview above.

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