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On "Fox and Friends" this morning, Donald Trump blasted the Obama administration for removing references to Islam and ISIS from the Orlando terrorist's 911 calls.

After a major backlash yesterday, the Department of Justice reversed course and re-released the transcripts of the calls without the redactions.

Trump said this is just like President Obama deciding not to say the words "radical Islamic terrorism," claiming it's more evidence that the administration is not being honest about the threat of radical Islam.

"You have to know what the problem is," Trump said. "You have to be able to see that. You don't want redacted, you don't want those words taken out."

He said that the American people want honesty and transparency, which they simply are not getting from this administration.

"The president is not wanting to talk about the problem. It's a problem of radical Islam. And if we don't talk about it, we're never going to solve the problem."

Watch the "Fox and Friends" interview above.

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