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Following the Orlando terror attack, President Obama and our nation's lawmakers should be focused on radical Islamic terrorism not gun control, Rudy Giuliani said on "Fox and Friends" this morning.

The Senate is scheduled to vote today on four separate gun control measures, which Giuliani said is "sending the wrong message."

"The problem is it's not a gun control issue. This is an issue of Islamic extremist terrorism," Giuliani said.

He explained that by repeatedly shifting the focus to guns, the Obama administration is attempting to take the focus away from the increasing number of domestic terror attacks.

"His weakness is unbelievable," Giuliani said of the president. "He refuses to identify our enemy ... He's trying to get that pressure off himself and Hillary Clinton."

The former New York City mayor added that the administration's ongoing denial of the threat of radical Islamic terrorism is "dangerous" for our country, because it emboldens terrorists.

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