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In the wake of the Orlando terror attack, many politicians, including President Obama and Hillary Clinton, have called for a ban on the AR-15 and other "assault weapons."

The NRA responded to these calls with a powerful attack ad, featuring retired Navy SEAL Dom Raso.

"When you say 'assault weapons,' when you say 'weapons of war,' it immediately shows your level of ignorance [of] what we're actually talking about," Rasso said on "Fox and Friends" this morning.

Raso explained that for most Americans, an AR-15 is the best defense against terror or crime, because it's easy to use, accurate and reliable.

He noted that Obama and Clinton may call for an AR-15 ban, but they are protected by armed guards who use them.

Similarly, he said, when Americans call the police in an emergency, they are hoping that they show up with AR-15s.

"When you have the proper mindset, it's not about writing off your accountability for safety," Raso said. "It's about embracing that accountability."

Watch more above and see Raso's powerful NRA video below.

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