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The executive vice president of the NRA slammed the left for abandoning the American public over the Orlando terror attack and choosing to focus entirely on guns.

"They can play this game, but they're coming. These terrorists are coming," Wayne LaPierre said.

He said that leftists in the White House and the media don't want to talk about terrorism because it reflects their failures.

"They want to divert the attention and say 'Hey this is all gun control.' It is tragic we're not having a discussion right now of terrorism and how we protect this country because they're coming and it's going to get worse, and we better prepare."

LaPierre said there needs to be a full-scale effort on the part of the citizenry to protect vulnerable places like shopping malls and churches from terrorists.

"But we have a president who lives in this made-up, imaginary, dreamy world of political correctness while ISIS spreads."

He said that rampant political correctness by the White House is making the country more dangerous by intruding on law enforcement and the military.

"They're now intruding on the terrorism in the United States. It's this imaginary political correct world of the White House that has its nose and its fingers in all kinds of places it doesn't belong, and it's making the country more dangerous by the day."

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