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Dana Loesch said tonight on The Kelly File that gun attacks by terrorists could be prevented if officials followed the laws already on the books.

"This was about due process," she said, about gun control measures which failed today in the Senate. "There are legal options there for them to exercise if they want terrorists the right of purchase...without infringing on the rights of innocent Americans."

She said that the watchlist didn't prevent Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen from carrying out his attack, adding that "they let him off because of political correctness."

"People don't understand what our gun laws are. You can't be someone who's barred from legal purchase and have someone just sell a firearm to you. It's a felony on both counts."

Loesch then listed a number of people who were mistakenly put on government watchlists, including her stepfather and an 8-year-old cub scout, saying "there are a lot of errors" with that system.

"The point is that there are so many legal options right now for Democrats and Republicans to take to make sure that doesn't happen; but more importantly, follow the laws on the books."

Watch the segment above.

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