Gutfeld: Removing Islamism From Orlando 911 Call Is Like Removing Shark From 'Jaws'

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Tonight on Special Report, Charles Krauthammer explained the Obama Administration and FBI's pivot in releasing previously redacted transcripts of the Orlando terrorist's call to 911.

He said that the redacted version, which removed references to Islam, was "stupid," "ridiculous" and an "embarrassment."

"Everybody could see what the words underneath were. And what exactly are they accomplishing in pretending they weren't said?"

Krauthammer said it exposes the administration as "fanatical in trying to cover up and hide the connection with Islam."

He also said it shows the Obama Administration's disturbing lack of concern for honest record-keeping, when taken in the context of the State Department deleting questioning about Iran negotiations by Fox News reporter James Rosen in 2013.

"The Obama Administration has no respect for historical record, for actual events. And that's a larger issue and that's disturbing."

Watch the commentary above.

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