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Judge Andrew Napolitano said this morning that he finds it very hard to believe that the Justice Department and the White House haven't discussed the investigation into Hillary Clinton's private emails. 

The Fox News senior judicial analyst was asked for his take on the Fox News Sunday interview in which Attorney General Loretta Lynch maintained that she's never discussed the case with the president or anyone at the White House.

"That's not the kind of relationship that I have with people there, and it would be inappropriate to do so," said Lynch.

Napolitano suggested that Lynch does not want to "confront the obvious," which is that a decision must be made soon on whether to indict Mrs. Clinton.

"She gets daily reports on the progress of these two investigations against Mrs. Clinton: public corruption and espionage. It's almost inconceivable that she has not kept the White House abreast of what her FBI agents are finding," said Napolitano. 

The judge also pushed back on Lynch's contention that there will not be a conflict of interest when she decides whether to pursue an indictment.

He said Lynch has been appointed by Obama twice and will have to decide whether to pursue criminal charges against the person that the president wants to succeed him in the Oval Office.

"They both have a conflict," he argued.

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